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Rakesh Prasad

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Worked for over a decade with major capital market players on Wall Street, leading engineering and management efforts behind financial engineering, performance analytic, risk and compliance systems capable of handling a massive amount of financial transactional and analytical data.

Right now developing with a small group of professionals, scientists and researchers to bring out innovation, ideas and human capital from across India mainstream, and support them with data, analytic, infrastructure, and right tools.

At we support science and evidence backed research to aid policy reforms in India and are aiming to be a major think tank on the issues of environment, governance, equality and related socio-economics.

As a technologist with avid interest in economics, related social science, and an ardent observer of local, sustainable and diverse socio-economic practices at play in India, I believe India should evolve her own growth parameters, then implanting models from elsewhere.

During last decade technology has pivoted around a principle of misaligned interests. Instead of strengthening democracies and communities it's all about aiming and exploiting the frailty of human behavior to sell ideas bordering consent manufacturing or massive consumerism.

Digital technology is very potent and its impact wide and immense, if we from the tech world detach morality from business, harms to the world, specifically where democratic systems can easily be subjugated to vested interest, are huge and irreparable.

Ballotboxindia is an effort to bring some sanity back to the internet.

We are finding answers to many sustainability questions through research, using right data and tools.

When tech mega-giants are looking to mechanize more and more jobs, homogenize most of the production. Creating a few super managers. winners and aligned interests with most of the world's power and wealth. With a majority of the population either working for their systems or be consumers.

We at BallotboxIndia are aiming to build research oriented workforce solving sustainability, justice, equality and governance issues in India.

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