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Ballot Box India Rules

In Real Short

As long in your content contributions are a matter of pride to your loved and respected once you are good.

Longer, detailed etiquettes.

  • Language - As of now, BallotBoxIndia is an English and Hindi-only forum. All content posted in publicly viewable areas of the forum must be written in English or Hindi. Please always review your posts for potential spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes before posting and also pay attention to the proper use of upper and lower case. Make sure that you phrase your posts in a way that is easily understandable to others. Please use a reasonable Research Action Group title/headline, without the use of upper case letters, or the unnecessary accumulation of punctuation marks, exclamation marks etc. Please write in a clearly laid out manner and review your contents before submit. Members can, if absolutely necessary, can use other Indian languages or foreign phrases, but please limit their use and please provide translation if possible as we would like to maintain a consistent language across our board.
  • Search Before Posting - Before posting an issue; please use the search function to make sure that the issue hasn't been addressed before thru a previous Research Action Group etc. in your region. There is a big chance it has, not only does searching help to keep the platform free of multiple/duplicate postings, it will also help you to get a solution much quicker.
  • Insults/Flaming - BallotBoxIndia is put together for people to come together and help each other, collaborate and discuss in a positive way – not bash on someone because you don't like their idea, or because they don't share the same views as you. We at BallotBoxIndia firmly believe in free speech. So you're free to say what you think – but do it in a constructive and positive way. We encourage mature debates – discourage childish arguments. Personal attacks, insults, rudeness, racism, threats, name calling or unnecessarily inflammatory posts will NOT be tolerated. Common courtesy, politeness and respect for fellow members, along with constructive posting of opinions are essential in preventing posts from being edited and/or deleted, or having Research Action Groups locked. Whilst we encourage healthy disagreement/debate, please maintain respect towards fellow members at all times.
  • Personal Information - Do not post personal information like email addresses, numbers, or home/business name/addresses on the platform. If you feel the need to disclose this information, do it in a private message. Posts containing personal information will be deleted. Revealing real world information about a member, administrator or moderator is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, regardless of the source, public or private. This includes any information about a member that reveals address, occupation or other sensitive or personally identifiable information.
  • Private Communication - Posting the content from a private communication in a publicly viewable area of BallotBoxIndia is NOT permitted. Private communications include any medium where the involved parties have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as: emails, chat logs, instant messenger logs, private messages, private social group posts, reputation comments, etc. Such private communications are to remain private, not shared with third parties. Any such private communication content posted will be removed.
  • Use of BallotBoxIndia for Promotion - BallotBoxIndia has no reservations with Organizations/NGO’s/Government agencies/Citizens/Experts etc joining in and promoting their work reasonably. In fact, this will be helpful in our mission to bring similar-thinking people together to usher in positive change. However, such promotions should not be unsolicited for non-interested users and tenets of personal space and privacy need to be followed. In case you are doubtful of such members who are using BBI for soliciting leads, spamming users and being ineffective in general while still raising hue and cry frequently - please inform us. While reporting, please include the username, their URL’s/Posts/Messages and other plausible reasons to support your suspicion. We will ALSO take action against members who spam the website or individual Users in ANY way.
  • Shouting, Caps Lock, Overuse of Bold and Colored Text - You may NOT shout (all capital letters, and/or excessive punctuation) in posts or Issue titles. Use caps and punctuation only for minimal emphasis. We discourage unnecessary use of caps lock writing, overuse of bold and colored text and keeping the post clean and simple.
  • Excessive Complaining - Excessive complaining and/or whining disrupts the mission of BallotBoxIndia and interferes with the ability of other members and visitors to enjoy their visit to the platform, and is therefore NOT permitted.
  • Illegal Content - Any discussion of, or links to web sites promoting piracy, illegal downloads, cracks, cd keys, illegal file-sharing, pornography, illegal drugs, or any other illegal or similar content WILL BE DELETED without notice. Such discussions and links are totally inappropriate on BallotBoxIndia.
  • Administrator/Moderator Criticism - Criticism of BallotBoxIndia rules, or Platform Staff implementation of these platform rules is NOT permitted in any publicly viewable area of the platform. Such content WILL BE DELETED without notice. Be respectful of Admins and Moderators even if you disagree with particular decisions. Their time is dedicated voluntarily to keeping BallotBoxIndia a happy place. If you disagree with how the platform is being moderated or administered, please contact the admin on admin(at)
  • Word Filter Circumvention - Certain offensive words, terms or links are automatically filtered by the platform. Any attempts to circumvent the automated platform word filter (such as by adding spaces/dots/punctuation, using colors or text markups, or by substituting characters) will result in the offending content being edited or deleted.
  • Single Account (Strictly no Multiple ID’s) - You may only have ONE account on BallotBoxIndia. Creating a second (or more) account will most likely get all - including your original - accounts banned. Permanently or temporarily banned members may NOT create new accounts in order to circumvent or dispute their ban. Such accounts will also be banned. Temporarily Banned members found creating duplicate accounts will find their ban extended significantly (or permanently), and may risk having their IP address blocked. If you wish to contact the platform staff to discuss a ban, please contact us.
  • Member Names - Member names may NOT contain any offensive, racist, sexually explicit, profane, abusive or otherwise objectionable terms. Also, you may NOT use a confusing or intentionally misleading member name or a member name that is confusingly similar to that of an existing member, administrator or moderator. You will not choose a username that is the same as a website domain, subdomain, or URL for which you are associated. Also, signing up a user name that is an obvious domain name or product name is not permitted. This is out of unfair promotion considerations as well as trademark implications.
  • Spamming/Flooding/Trolling - The following are NOT permitted:
    • Spamming - Posting the same Research Action Group, or Entity multiple times, or posting the same post in multiple Research Action Groups, or sending unsolicited private messages to members.
    • Flooding - Posting many times in succession in a single Research Action Group.
    • Trolling - Constant harassment of a member, or repeated off-topic and/or rude posts in a Research Action Group.
    Depending on severity, content in violation of this rule will be edited or deleted, and may result in a ban.
  • Off Topic - Please make every effort to keep your posts relevant to the active Research Action Group topic. Detours usually take a Research Action Group wildly off topic, and invite others to do the same. Off topic posts (and any responses to such posts) may be deleted without notice.
  • Research Action Group/Entity Location - Please make an effort to post new Research Action Groups and Entity at the appropriate Geographical location or Department or Topic category. Posting Research Action Groups under proper category makes it easier to browse for all members and visitors, and reduces the workload for our moderators and administrators. If you are unsure where to post a new Research Action Group, please take the time to read the Category descriptions in order to familiarize yourself with the focus of the various available Categories and Departments etc. Research Action Groups posted in an inappropriate Category will be moved/removed without notice.
  • Cross posting - You may NOT cross post (creating redundant Research Action Groups that link to or promote an existing Research Action Group for the purpose of gaining extra visibility). Such Research Action Groups will be closed or deleted without notice.
  • Necroposting - Pointlessly bumping of dormant, inactive Research Action Groups and Entities causes confusion for other members and visitors who may not notice the original Research Action Group post date. Posting in an inactive Research Action Group is strongly discouraged, unless there is a very good reason for reactivating the Research Action Group. If you feel an issue or topic from an inactive Research Action Group deserves renewed discussion, please create a new Research Action Group in the appropriate platform or subplatform.
  • Quitting/Leaving - Any Research Action Groups or posts about leaving BallotBoxIndia, such as “I’m Quitting” whether for positive or negative reasons will be deleted without notice. If you any issues, please contact the admin on admin(at)
  • Posting for Banned Members - Members are NOT permitted to post on behalf of any member permanently or temporarily banned from BallotBoxIndia. Similarly, members are NOT permitted to allow any banned member to use their BallotBoxIndia account to circumvent a ban.
  • Zero Tolerance Policy to Personal Feuds - A personal feud can be defined as an ongoing, largely personal rather than issue-driven, reciprocal hostility between two members, or among three or more members in groups, whatever you wish to identify, wherein the primary focus is a flame war intended to undermine platform member reputations, and not to advance arguments on policy, philosophy, politics or other primary interests of our platform.
  • No Buying/Selling Services - BallotBoxIndia is a NOT meant for buying or selling unrelated services. Advertisements, solicitations for services or business are strictly prohibited in Research Action Groups/posts.
  • Additional Rules - While the above rules cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate all circumstances. Consequently, the BallotBoxIndia admins reserves the right to take any actions deemed appropriate to uphold the Mission of BallotBoxIndia, to ensure that the platform is not disrupted or abused in any way, or to protect BallotBoxIndia admins and members from fraud, harassment or abuse.

    Please be aware that it is impossible for the Platform admins to review all content posted on BallotBoxIndia. The Platform admins does its best to keep discussions positive, on topic and polite, and to enforce the platform rules fairly and consistently. We encourage members to help us in this effort by contacting us whenever one feels a post is offensive, inappropriate or violates these rules. This will enter the offending post into the moderation queue, and will result in quicker attention from the Platform Staff. For other content that may be in violation of these platform rules or otherwise objectionable, please email us on admin(at)

    BallotBoxIndia staff reserves the right to edit, delete, alter or remove any content that violates these platform rules or the BallotBoxIndia Terms of Service with or without notice. The Platform Staff also reserves the right to restrict the permissions or ability of any member to access any or all parts of for violation of these platform rules or for any other reason.

    The more general right to refuse access, ban a user, block an IP address, or otherwise restrict the functionality of BallotBoxIndia content or services in any way and for any reason is reserved by the BallotBoxIndia administrators

    Circumstances and situations may arise that periodically require a revision of these platform rules. As such, BallotBoxIndia administrators reserve the right to modify and/or expand the official rules of this platform at any time. We encourage you to periodically visit this page to advise yourself of the latest rules.

    The Platform Staff shall be the sole and final arbitrators of what does or does not violate these rules and/or BallotBoxIndia community standards. The decisions of the Platform Administrators/Moderators are final.

    These platform rules are supplemental to the Terms and Privacy policies of BallotboxIndia.

Thanks Ballot Box India Team.


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