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How BallotboxIndia works, and Why it matters.

Connecting four axes of solution, BallotboxIndia where research meets democracy
There are four axes in every community. 1. Systemic issues 2. Affected citizens looking for solutions 3. Research backed solutions 4. Right professionals implementing them. At BallotboxIndia, we are connecting these four axes. Building communities and leaders of tomorrow backed by solid, quantifiable performance metrics.

Rakesh Prasad (Founder

Do you frequently find yourself thinking, "Is the world around me getting better? something is just not right!"

You always wanted to do something about it, that itch in your brain, to know more, or tell it your way, or just act on it.

Guess what, you are not alone. We humans are built that way. We are tuned to ask why that has lead us to this far.

No one is an expert on everything, but all of us have something. Maybe a right question or the right answer. Or sometimes both, may be some time just a story, but we want to know and tell. We are born explorers and story tellers, free thinkers with free will.

But there are times in the quest for that optimal productivity-The race, those sweet victories, our small ideas for the world are lost, questions remain silent. Small or big stories about our own contributions to the world never reach anywhere.

Can we match this brain itch with the growth of your career and business? Can we build a leadership brand that is you?

We are aiming to do exactly that. We are bringing in the concept of live action researches, where ideas and actions on a systemic issue grow live with a very high level of public involvement, shaping public policy, creating a talent pool, building a research and evidence backed society.

What are we building here?

We are on the lookout for a few of those, the best in their fields. Companies, individuals, leaders, researchers, professionals who have answers and stories, or want to employ their expertise and time to make a difference.

Take these smaller victories and build a larger brand to move their own careers and businesses forward.

Can we build a framework to nurture the leaders of tomorrow? One research, one win, one story - Small or big, at a time.

Want to get started? Here is what we are looking for.

Individuals - Share your own victories or maybe not so much of victories. Ask a question, raise a concern. Our experts are always on the lookout for a worthy discussion.

Researchers - Have you done a research lately- Want to release a study? That can make an impact. Share with us and let's work together on it. The world now, of all the times, needs more and more data backed research. To not just build their opinions, but take actions. We might just end up bringing back the world which was less noisy, more thoughtful.

Organizations – Tell your brand story, how your organization is changing lives. Connect with an audience which resonates with you. We are always looking for brands, authors, publications to work together on the path of growth.

Leaders – You keep doing the good work for your people, those smaller forgotten wins, or larger victories you missed to put in right words. These forgotten stories are what your followers are looking for. Let's build them and tell the stories, the right way.

Activists – Some of the brilliant minds at work, shaping the world building legacy. Now never miss on great opportunities to connect with right talent. Tell the tales of your adventures, inspire others, instill confidence and grow your social entrepreneurship career.

Journalists – You tell stories of everyone and everything, now tell your own. Build your independent brand equity. Coordinate the research-based actions and experiments right there in our communities. Take the developmental journalism to the next level.

The best place to start is your own profile page on BallotboxIndia. Send a verification request. Or email at

Why BallotboxIndia?

BallotboxIndia is not built over a Casual Social Network, or Conventional News Media Format so your ideas and engagements remain "in context“, in the form of a research evolving over time. We don't have the concept of virality and believe in high engagement to work for you and your brand, then creating massive and misleading numbers to sell advertisement on the platform.

Our research and implementation oriented framework is a no obligation model, unlike daily time spent on short lived tweets or posts over social networks with a dismal return of your time invested. Research and contributions on ballotboxIndia will keep working for you, forever, through our algorithms and continual curations.

We keep your work and its presentation at the cutting edge of digital technology, so even you did a single research or made a small contribution to the research, your work will remain valid to the latest search and presentation algorithm. It creates a level playing field for your work, it wouldn't drown in internet noise. Strong analytics and reporting to back up your brand which evolves over time. Oh, and our content remains highest of the quality by an stringent editorial process.

Want to stay informed?

You might just want to follow some interesting stories or research as we release them, and later pick and choose. Click connect buttons at the bottom of pages and we will keep you up with the best.

We have a lot to offer- Be it brand building, latest trends in digital marketing, analytics and reports for your optimal reach, or the best in the research, connections with experts in your communities. Events, meetups, webinars, study tours, research to name a few.

Keep an eye on your profile page for the links and messages as they appear when we go together. Not connected yet? Click Affiliate and let us know about you.

BallotboxIndia is a unique place on the Internet, where research and evidence based actions are taken, with positive impact considered as ballot of success.

Team @BallotBoxIndia.

At BallotboxIndia Educational we are publishing and sharing the best in digital technology with humans at center.

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2017-Digital Engagement Strategies guide for Thought leaders, Scholars, Social Enterprises and Entrepreneurs

Building Strong Local Leaderships.

  • Register your expertise, Tell your story.

    Check your profile page after signing up for helper videos, howtos and a lot more to start building your brand.

  • Join or Start Research Action Groups

    Work with our coordinators to help with or start research and evidence based Research Action Groups.

  • Manage and Track

    Use BallotboxIndia's process management, tracking and ratification tools to work in a scientific way.

  • Create Impact, Expand your research.

    Connect with right talent, fund your efforts, Build your rapport.


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