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Naveen Arora




To excel in the field of Education, Research and Mentoring, while working with reputed organization with scope for contribution in organizational growth




·        Presented and published research papers in journals and conferences at IIT-Delhi, NIT, MDI-Gurgaon and other reputed institutions

·        More than 6 years of experience in marketing research and mentoring Post Graduate Management students at Jagran Institute of Management, Kanpur

·        Pursuing PhD from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Durgapur

·        Received “Best Teacher” Award from Central Bank of India at Jagran Institute of Management on 15th August 2016

·        Gained exposure in organizing seminars, conferences and lectures

·        Delivered presentations in seminars, conferences and management development programs

·        Received AMCAT certification for Business Consultant, Business Analyst, Data Processing Specialist, English Comprehension and Proficiency in English

·        Authored Contemporary Fiction book “Campus Express: A Fun Ride” published by Frog Books, Mumbai, ISBN: 9381836590 in 2012




Mentoring and Research


·        Published and presented papers in national and international conferences and journals

·        High standards of performing academic activities while mentoring students


Relationship Management


·        Maintaining relationship with stakeholders in industry, academia and the Government

·        Handling alumni relationships and management development programs




July’10 – till date             Jagran Institute of Management, Kanpur as Assistant Professor



·        Conducting research and publishing in journals, books and conference proceedings

·        Conducting conferences, seminars, symposiums and other value added activities

·        Designing of course structure and other co-curricular activities

·        Mentoring postgraduate management students

·        Taking care of training and placements of students


·        Excellent feedback for all the sessions throughout

·        Took initiative to modify marketing strategies to improve profitability



May’98 – May’08            New Arora Scooter Centre, Kanpur as Manager



·        Management of sales, distribution and operations

·        Implementing CRM and acquiring new customers




·        Contributed as a member of Editorial Board for Marketing Publication: ELAN, published by Jagran Institute of Management, Kanpur

·        Contributed as Editor for Publication: Brandology: Revisiting the brands; Past, present and future, published by Jagran Institute of Management, Kanpur in 2017.




·        Attended workshop on ”Statistical Analysis for Engineers and Researchers” at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur from 16th May – 20th May 2016

·        Conducted workshop for the employees of Red Chief in Kanpur on 7th February 2015

·        Conducted Management Development Program (MDP) for Managers of Rotomac Pens (Kanpur) on 29th November 2014

·        Organized seminar on “Marketing of Luxury Brands” at Jagran Institute of Management, Kanpur on 17th January 2014

·        Conducted workshop on “Total Quality Management” for Senior lecturers of U.P. Polytechnic at Institute of Research Development and Training, Kanpur (Established by state Government) from 6th January – 10th January 2014

·        Conducted workshop on “Production and Operations Management” for senior lecturers of U.P. Polytechnic at IRDT, Kanpur from 7th October 2013 – 10th October 2013

·        Conducted Faculty Development Program for teachers of Puranchandra Vidya Niketan, Kanpur on “Role of ICT in Education”

·        Attended AICTE sponsored Staff Development program on “Quality Assurance in Teaching Learning Process” at Bharati Vidyapeeth University Institute of Management & Research, New Delhi from 14th May – 27th May 2012 (Two weeks)

·        Organized conference on “Retail Dynamics- Multi Dimensional Approach to Retail Management” at Jagran Institute of Management, Kanpur on 18th February 2012

·        Conducted JIM Quest 2011: An Inter-collegiate quiz at Jagran Institute of Management in February 2011

·        Coordinated sports event OJAS 2008 and OJAS 2009 at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow

·        Conducted “Enlightened Manager” contest organized by Jaipuria Institute of Management in 2009




S. No.

Journal/ Conference

Title of the Paper


ISSN & URL/Conference Theme


Management Dynamics

Banking Industry and its Service Quality: Customer Perception and Expectation

Volume 10 (2010), Issue No.2



International Journal of Marketing and Management Research

Factors Influencing Customers’ Preference of Shopping Malls and Multi-brand Retail Stores

Volume 2 (2011), Issue No. 9 (September)

2229-6883 URL:,%20KEYWORDS%20PDF/9.8,Naveen%20Arora.pdf


NIMS Journal of Management Research

Competitive Advantage through Marketing Strategies: A Perspective of Indian Tyre Industry

Volume-1, (2012), Issue-2 (December)



Birla Institute of Technology – Admerit NSC - 2014

Sequel Films in Indian Cinema: A Marketing Perspective

5th - 6th April 2014

Challenges of New Millennium


2014 NIT-MTMI International Conference at NIT Hamirpur

A Study of Consumer Buying Behaviour in Apparels’ Segment

22nd – 24th December 2014

Emerging Paradigms and Practices in Global Technology, Management & Business Issues.

Subsequently published in Review of Business & Technology Research. Vol.11 No.1, 2014. ISSN: 1941-9414


8th ISDSI International Conference 2015

Study of Customers’ Perception of Online Retail in India

2nd – 4th January 2015

Subsequently published by Excel Publications in edited book “Decision Sciences for Business Excellence: A Cross-functional Perspective”

ISBN: 978-93-86256-21-8


Global Conference on Managing in Recovering Markets (GCMRM 2015) – MDI, Gurgaon

Evolution of Small Brands of Apparels: An Indian Perspective

11th – 13th March 2015

ISBN: 978-81-929149-3-0


Conference on Brand Management – 2016 – IIT, Delhi

Emergence of small brands: Analytical study of Indian clothing sector

16th – 17th April 2016


Proceedings published by Emerald

ISBN: 978-17-863541-1-2


International conference on Youth 2025, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur

Marketing and communication channels for young

17th – 18th February 2017

Subsequently published by Bloomsbury in edited book “Development, Sustainability and Happiness: Perspectives and Challenges for Youth 2025”

ISBN: 978-93-86432-09-4




·        Microsoft Word, PowerPoint & Excel

·        SPSS and AMOS




·           Conducted Market Research on “Direct selling of IT solutions offered by HCL Infosystems Ltd. to the small and medium enterprises in the cluster (area) of Unnao” for HCL Infosystems Ltd in April-May 2009

·           Worked for Wipro Infotech as team leader on a Marketing Research project “Challenges and opportunities for IT industry in Government sector”

·           Conducted Market Research Survey on HCL Laptops, for HCL Infosystems Ltd.




Pursuing Ph.D. from Department of Management Studies, National Institute of Technology (NIT), Durgapur

2010      P.G.D.M. (Marketing and Finance) from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow with 70%

1998      M.Sc. (Zoology) from CSJM University, Kanpur

1996      B.Sc. (Zoology, Botany, Chemistry) from CSJM University, Kanpur

1993      12th from B.N.S.D. Inter College, Kanpur, U.P. Board

1991      10th from SMHHS School, Kanpur, U.P. Board

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BallotboxIndia is a socio-political research platform and believe our researchers and documenters shouldn’t work for advertisers or misaligned benefactors but for the research at hand. Our action research are fiercely independent and transparent owing to this only.
As an Independent platform striving to nurture local talent pool which can support grassroots innovations and solutions. We are building ecosystems where self-sustaining cooperative models can be evolved in local communities, create employment opportunities backed by right skills, awareness, and training.
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  • Honorariums & Salaries – To the field researchers, creating local India Focussed Jobs.
  • Technology - To help us keep building technology working for India, making India stronger.
  • Community Training- Organizing training courses around skills that matter including environment, good governance practices, citizen rights and responsibilities.
  • Awareness Campaigns - To help kickstart new researches and reach out to relevant skills to make a difference.
  • Help an Innovator - This fund supports an innovator who can’t pay for high-end technology and digital services.
बैलटबॉक्सइंडिया एक सामाजिक-राजनीतिक शोध मंच है, हमारा यह मानना है की हमारे शोधकर्ता और दस्तावेज़क विज्ञापन दाताओं के लिए या निहित स्वार्थ के लिए नहीं बल्कि समाज से जुडी समस्याओं के समाधान पर कार्य करें. हमारे शोध अभियान इसी कारण प्रखर, स्वतंत्र एवं पारदर्शी रह पाते हैं.
हम एक स्वतंत्र मंच है जो स्थानीय कौशल को सिंचित करता है जिससे ज़मीनी नवप्रवर्तन और समाधानों का आधार बनाया जा सके.
हम एक सामाजिक तंत्र बनाना चाहते हैं जिससे स्थानीय, आत्मनिर्भर सहकारी मॉडल विकसित किए जा सकें, सही कौशल जागरूकता और प्रशिक्षण द्वारा समाज परक रोज़गार अवसर बन सकें.
ऐसे प्रयासों को सही तरीक़े से चलाने के लिए हम अपने और संबद्ध विशेषज्ञों द्वारा वस्तुओं और सेवाओं के बदले में एक आम शुल्क लेते हैं.
सब कुछ पारदर्शी रखने के लिए नीचे हमारे ख़र्चे का एक ख़ाका दिया गया है.
BallotboxIndia Payment Model
  • मानदेय - शोधकर्ताओं, सामाजिक कार्यकर्ताओं को दिया जाने वाला शुल्क.
  • तकनीक - स्वदेसी तकनीक एवं सम्बद्ध कौशल विकास.
  • सामुदायिक प्रशिक्षण - पर्यावरण, प्रशासनिक कार्यप्रणाली, नागरिक अधिकार एवं ज़िम्मेदारी.
  • जन जागरण अभियान - नयी रिसर्च और कौशल को जोड़ने के लिए लगातार अभियान चलाते रहना.
  • नवप्रवर्तक सहयोग - वह नवप्रवर्तक जो तकनीक एवं डिजिटल सेवाओं का शुल्क नहीं चुका सकते.

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