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Rajneeti Ki Paathshala - An NGO tries to reach youths of india to make them educated about real political issues by using the power of digital and social media

People at rajneeti ki paathshala or the “School of politics” have stated their initiative by harnessing the power of social media ,aiming to accomplish the following.

 Create awareness amongst the Indian population about the status quo of political, and the noble principles upon which our country & constitution were built upon by great leaders of the past, and how the situation today is a far cry from the vision of these leaders

Build up a solid public understanding and consciousness of the principles of the honesty and integrity, which must underline all political activities.

Reform the negative images of politics in people’s mind today and help them re arrange with the incredible potential that an honest, democratic political system has for the citizens of India.

 Enable citizens to engage with the political spheres of their lives based on the aforementioned principles    of honesty and integrity.

 Motivating youth to the participate actively in the politicles activities, so we can create future leaders who are aligned with constitutional principles and focus on the true spirit of politics : people’s welfare over petty campaigning activities .

 The mantra which they follow religiously through thier initiative is “learn, observe and Lead”

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