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DST Centre for Policy Research

Scientific excellence and technological innovation for inclusive growth (supported by department of science and technology, Govt. Of India)

About Us

Recently, the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India has granted Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow a special project to establish the ‘Centre for Policy Research’ with particular focus on inclusive growth using science, technology and innovation. We have identified 5 core areas for our research work – sustainable agriculture, water, energy, climate, health care and water. We have initiated evidence-based and action-oriented research work in these thematic areas which could benefit people lacking formal access to technology.

Our Mission

“Stimulate the strategic research and innovation capacity of the S&T sector to identify, foster and enhance key opportunities for addressing the ‘quality of life –needs’ for promoting social inclusion”

Focus Area

"Study of policies and mechanisms that could facilitate delivery of STI outputs to diverse stakeholders including innovation for social inclusion (with special reference to sustainable agriculture, health care, energy, water resource management and climate governance)."

Research Projects

  • Agricultural

    S&T Policies for sustainable agricultural transformation:Policy for sustainable agricultural transformation for backward areas focusing on small holdings through technological & institutional innovations.

  • Climate Change

    Climate Policy technological versus social innovations: Adaptations against floods in eastern UP and droughts in Bundelkhand region – technological versus social innovations

  • Energy

    Energy Access and Inclusive Growth: Policy and regulatory framework for renewable energy technologies through STI interventions, village specific renewable energy technology

  • Health

    Health Inequality and role of Science and Technology:Wide urban-rural gap in the availability of medical services: Inequity – how STI can bridge this gap?

  • Water

    Technology policy for safe water using ‘system interventions’: (e.g., policy interventions, institutional innovations, new approaches to shaping the innovation process)

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