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Yoga is about Oneness

Navodita Pande

Navodita Pande Opinions & Updates

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When you hear about somebody’s illness, you land up identifying with that person, especially if it’s a piece of negative news about his or her health- you often wonder whether I got my checkup done on time, whether my stomach, liver or heart is fine. Also, when you hear of somebody who has just recovered from cancer after chemotherapy, you admire the fighting skills of that person and wonder how much of that grit and determination to live do you have, maybe you don’t even match. You often feel the commonness with each other, especially with the ones around you. Such is the Oneness spread out in humanity. Karma, I believe, can be passed on from one person to another, especially when you are dearly attached to a loved one.

Where does Yoga figure in this Oneness of Cosmos? It does in mapping the world with an even eye and getting you what you want when you want it badly- that is the beauty of the Cosmos as One that you realize exists. Rhonda Byrne talks about it in ‘The Secret’ ; the law of attraction, why we meet the people we meet among other things. This is just the beginning. In truth, your Karma can be closely linked with the Karma of other loved ones in equal measure, if not partially. Why else do we talk about the concept of ‘Yama’ and ‘Niyama’, the ethical and moral codes of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras? Yama and Niyama do just that- they guide you to follow Ahimsa, Satya, Asteya, Brahmacharya and Aparigraha. If you follow even one virtue carefully, you have gotten there by an inch. Your one deed might affect or influence another person, who might be transformed by the virtue. Hence the concept of Sewa of the downtrodden and those in need.

When you hear about somebody’s illness, you
land up identifying with that person, especially if it’s

Ahimsa or non-harming is the first such virtue, followed religiously by none other than the great Mahatma. Satya or truthfulness is yet another pillar of proximity to the Oneness. Asteya or non-theft implies a lot more than just robbing or stealing or calling your own what belongs to another. Asteya is closer to a form of self-restraint where desire instead of taking you closer to your dreams maybe the rootcause of evil. Even a little dirt and a little theft can negatively affect the mind of the yogi. Then you have Brahmacharyameans not pushing things too hard. Right from doing a Yogasana by regulating your effort while performing an asana to getting late in a queue ahead of an important office appointment, Brahmacharya means regulation of effort. Relaxing and letting go off the tension you feel while performing a task. Finally, Aparigraha or non-possessiveness is the feeling of freedom from wanting more and more, something quite opposite to what today’s consumer culture propagates. Never hang on to old beliefs or cling onto a career that doesn’t feed you well. Acknolwedging abundance and thanking God for all that you have takes you closer to this simple Yama practice.

Coming to Niyama- Saucha, Santosh, Tapa, Swadhyaya and Ishwar-Pranidhan- these tenets take you closer to good life skills with your peers, employers or guardians. Saucha talks about taking you closer to purity and cleanliness. Physical orderliness and meditating to free your mind of the unnecessary clutter of thoughts can take you closer to a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. Similarly, Santosha or satisfaction and contentment with what you have and all that you possess is living a life of Santosha. Be welcoming towards good and bad, all that you are getting your way. Whether you are doing an asana or living life, always try to find joy in the experience is what Santosha is all about. Tapa or right effort is yet another attribute, if inculcated and practiced can guide you to the right kind of discipline, effort and equanimity in work. If you put in neither too much nor too little effort, the results you get are stupendous and you remain energized to do better and more next time. Avoiding laziness or procrastination is mentioned here simultaneously connecting to you determination and will. Swadhyaya or self-study is an attribute that tells you to find happiness in your work. Searching happiness within is what gets you greater happiness. What you have to do outside is accomplish goals. You have to develop the capacity to find answers without chastising or lauding yourself. And finally you have the Niyama of Ishwara-Pranidhan or communion with the highest form of Energy or Power where you only have to learn to surrender.

When you hear about somebody’s illness, you
land up identifying with that person, especially if it’s

If these tenets or principles are followed to the fullest, you can attain perfection and connect with others like yourself along with connecting to the Divine. Even in Sanskrit it is said – ‘Guru Gobind Dou Khade, KaakeLaagoonPaayein, Balihari Guru Aapno, GovindDiyoDikhaaye!’ Through Yoga you can awaken the Guru within which can take you towards realization of Godhead. The entire Universe is One like a family and Karma can easily be passed on from one to the other. Realising this fact, you can lead a powerful life full of success, accomplishment and contentment. 

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