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HI, everyone,The educations in our country is lacks in many ways. The reason why I am saying this is from a personal experience.As many of you pointed

Right to education India - How to Skill Millions, Fighting Pits Vs. Enough opportunities.

Right to education India - How to Skill Millions, Fighting Pits Vs. Enough opportunities. Opinions & Updates

ज़िला कनेक्ट
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HI, everyone,
The educations in our country is lacks in many ways. The reason why I am saying this is from a personal experience.

As many of you pointed out educations itself as become industry, coaching centers just teach students how to crack exam but memorising certain important points.

This kind of teaching as made our children to remember things rather than to understand.

I personally feel the way the education is imparted should be changed. I am here today sharing my views. This is because of my teachers who were dedicated and were knowledgable.

Unfortunately I can not say the same about the current generation teachers ( except for few).

Let me tell you more practically. The most brilliants ( that is one who get hundered on hundred) goes to engineering /doctor/CA/ reserch the next set of students enter into jobs like sales representative, call centers, bussiness. Finally people who hardly pass or pass with very great difficulty finally do a B .Ed and finally become teachers. I am sorry that I am harsh but that is the reality. Not many of them become teachers because they want. Most of them become a teacher only because they want to bring home some money.

So it is obvious that people wont be serious or like that job because they dont want to do it with heart.

The reason why people with better acadmic credentials go for some other jobs is because of pay. A teacher who is teaching LKG/UKG gets a pay of hardly 20k ( private school). It is logical consider the following situation. If I can get 50k is software why would I want to teach. But if I am offered 50K then there is a possibility that I may choose to teach in school rather than to be in software.

The second most important thing I would like to point out is that students who clear all the entrance exams and enter prestigious institutions ( say IIT or IISc) are not good ( lot of them). This is evident from the first semister academic results. The reason is the kids who cleared the exam by memorising are failing to answer real questions in examination. This is also the reason why there are more drop outs from these institutions.
My brother and sister both are engineers. When they were in college they used to ask me to help them in their maths. I am phd in physics so I can handle a little bit of maths. What I found was they just dint know what they were doing. They had to be taught them from first this is why you do this and do that.This clearly shows that even their teachers have not understood anything.

The third most important thing I would like to say is about the way education is imparted.
I find my children who are little over 3 years remembering everything they see in cartoons, but they dont like to sit and read. What I am propsing now is an revelutionary idea.

Why not we use the cartoons and teach. I mean we see chota beem or luv kush or little krishna. Why dont we desing the syllabus in such a way that important aspects are covered in such cartoons.
For instance one can show villan blocking the sun. The krishna can say with out sun how will the plants make food. This will make children realise that plants need sun to make food. By just showing this cartoon for 3 or 4 days. a three year old will know that sun is requirement. Simillarly one can use artists and create more efficient ways to impart the knowledge. History can be taught as a story.We all know when we were young lot of tried to whirl around like saktiman. Why not we exploit the children likeing towards a specific character and impart knowledge.

What it requires is just some creative writers who can include some part into it. We dont have to start a new channel.

The fourth point what i would like to insist is that to have more lab for children so that they get a practical view of what is happening. This is very difficult as government can achieve it at a go. But with computers these days one can try simulating. There is website which is called PHeT. which offers lot of simulation experiments in various subjects which is available for free. So if in a remote village there is no lab, even a simple computer can do the job. The children can tune in the experiments parameters by chainging the values and knobs. The university that designed the PHet mainly did this so as to ensure students understood what they read rather than just multiplying.

This PHet is a simple software, which can be done by anyone. It is just like an app. If Government ensures to install such apps in all schools then we will have more students who understand the subject. Although doing original experiments is better, atleast something is better than nothing.

Lastly I would prefer teachers also to be given training by undergoing courses. Even online courses offered by IIT some other institutes will make some change. Please note i am ascience graduate thatsy i talk of iisc or iit and science education.One can not ignore arts humanities and social sciences. Similar research needs to be done on the same. People from humanitiand other backgrounds must come forward and say how Our country is lacking in these resepcts and what can be done. Can such software implementation help us?

Thanks for reading.

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