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Hydroponics: DIY at home.Everyone knows that the crops coming out of our fields are filled with chemicals, due to which people have become sicker th

What's in my plate? Food and Nutrition security in India

What's in my plate? Food and Nutrition security in India Opinions & Updates

ज़िला कनेक्ट
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Hydroponics: DIY at home.

Hydroponics: DIY at home.Everyone knows that the crops coming
out of our fields are filled with ch

Everyone knows that the crops coming out of our fields are filled with chemicals, due to which people have become sicker than ever. In cities abroad, people have started producing their own food on their terraces or in their kitchen gardens. You are ultimately what you eat, so if you can harvest your own food, there is nothing quite like it. You obviously can't grow pulses and grains, but at least the vegetables are easy to grow in your kitchen. You add the manure; you wash, dry and cut and keep them refrigerated.


If you love the art of gardening, you will love growing cheap but quality veggies and plants on the rooftop of your house. Previously, this art used to be called kitchen garden farming, and it has now made a strategic comeback into middle class and rich homes, too sick of eating natural food contaminated with serious chemicals and poisonous substances.

You need not have a huge area outside your lower storied accommodation. You can actually grow veggies in drawers, and the only necessary item essential to the growth of these juicy, succulent edible plants is sunlight.

So, if you are a closet gardener, then do consider growing, cooking and feeding your family your very own hydroponic plants and veggies.

You may have researched about which vegetable is useful to your bodily condition, especially if you have some niggling ailment that refuses to die down. You know that you can cure it fully in the most natural and abundant way that you can. Just grow the plant in your home, and make sure that it grows in healthy loam so that you can carry out this organic process farming for a longer period of time.

What’s more, you will need no irrigation, no fertilizer, no fancy pots and pans; just an ordinary vase will do. You can also grow a host of veggies in the comfort of your home, and the stands in which you carry out your miniature plantation can easily stand one on top of the other.

The solution of the future in agriculture is here. The only way urban families will be able to contain starvation and ensure that their families get the nutrients they need, is by hydroponics.

So, get your garden gloves and enter the fascinating trail of growing your own urban farm, right in the center of your household. The only essentials you will need are soft, loamy earth with the right amounts of elements like nitrogen, sulfur, hydrogen etc, a water connection and lots of sunlight.

You have your family’s health to look after, so a little investment will go a long way in ensuring that your little ones stay fit and fine. Because after all, you are the pillar of health and happiness in your home, and your family loves you for it.

Also, unless your kids are fed the right nutrients, they will not do well in their studies; so if you want to hit the right notes with self help, then consider a home farm with the basics in hydroponics.


How to do hydroponics at home

You will need the following equipments to set up your hydroponics farm.

A tray

This is for the healthy roots of the plants. More importantly, it is the area where the support and nutrients of the plants are enhanced. The root zone has to be light proof.

A reservoir

This holds the nutrients for the successful growth of the plants. You will need this to add water and minerals to the plants. Basically,              this equipment has to just hold water.

A submersible pump

This is used to pump water up to root level of the plants.

A delivery system

This comprises of a combination of standard PVC tubing and connectors, standard garden irrigation tubing and connectors, as well as blue or black vinyl tubing.

Optional equipment

Simple timers, an air pump and grow lights are other optional equipments you may need, but you can do without them too.

Where to buy hydroponics equipment

Most of the equipment can be created using second hand stuff from around the home. There are DIY instructions about how to create all the stuff that you need to set up a hydroponics farm in your own home.

But in case you need to buy anything, then India Mart, Ali Baba, and the Indian site for Indian are useful online addresses where you can buy all that you need.

In case you want to grow a small farm within your apartment itself, then you can do vertical farming, wherein you have to grow your plants vertically, one on top of the other, and place them on the terrace for sunlight..


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