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Ayushi Tiwari

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Ayushi Tiwari

Kanpur. UP

OBJECTIVE: Explore my talents and work for the organization and to gain experience to attain my future goals


·         Participated in workshops by Red FM 93.5 (RJ Sugandha)

·         Participated in a social entrepreneurship workshop by Onkar Khullar gaining knowledge about radio journalism and its social relevance

·         Did voice-over for a short film ‘Ma’ by Crack Films.


·         Pursuing three years’ Diploma in Mass Communication from Jagran Institute of Management & Mass Communication, Kanpur

·         Pursuing graduation from Jagran College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Kanpur

·         Passed Class XII from Mother Teresa Mission Higher Secondary School (ISC) with 84%

·         Passed Class X from St. Mary’s Convent High School (ICSE Board) with 76%


·         Corel Draw

·         Quark Express .


·         Anchored several live events in several college functions

·         Good in communicating with people

·         Good at team work

·         Choreographed dances with my dancing team at college functions


·         Hardworking

·         Leadership qualities

·         Responsible




 I am a second year media student with an interest in Public Relations, Advertising and Reporting. I have gained substantial experience in anchoring for live college events which has boosted her confidence and motivational levels. I have a passion for speaking and is eloquent in doing TV anchor links. I love doing voiceovers for short films. I would like to get into the field of advertising, TV reporting or content writing for websites.I want to be able to write better and speak more fluently. Self-confidence, outgoing, extrovert are some of her personality traits.

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