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Sanjay Gupta

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I am social entrepreneurship promotion professional, graduated in 1981 and became a chartered accountant in 1985. I have been practicing in audits, business consultancy, and entrepreneurship promotion from office in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. 

I have traveled well within India, big cities to smallest places, having met public at large, now focused on bringing the solution to decades-old public toilets, community toilets, and public urinals challenge across India.

I want to solve the problem of acute shortage of toilets and of most of the community toilets being in bad shape - By taking care of every aspect involved - financial, technical, regulatory, public involvement and supervisory. 

Have planned this mission with full dedication, started working with municipal corporations / Zila panchayat and prominent good persons of cities and districts of India, one by one.


I am sure, time has arrived when every public toilet, community toilet and public urinal (including institutional urinal, big buildings urinal, highway urinal, railway platform urinal) across India should become top maintained, fully safe, most modern and self-sustainable. My plan is to combine following towards this mission, city by city, district by district.

  1. Local Government

The local government shall provide data, strategic planning of the city/district / block and regulatory support to ensure commercial viability of each Public Toilet (PT) / Community Toilet (CT) / Public Urinal (PU) / Institutional Urinal (IU) (to say potential public urinals PPU).

2. Social entrepreneurs - Individuals, Companies, Groups.

These are investing persons either for modernisation / up gradation of an existing PT CT PU plus the filling of the working capital gap as also investing for new PT CT PU.

3. Technical experts

These are trouble shooters means; their basic role is to ensure that PT-PC PU has no technical problem during functioning, including waste disposal, as also finding the right modernisation, may be at stage one or during regular functioning. 

4. Goods suppliers, Innovators, and quality monitors.

Nowadays there are many companies which are manufacturing or developing urinals or toilets which are environment-friendly, user-friendly, maintenance friendly. This big mission is based on such innovators who along with all existing methods, will be very keen to do it on pan India basis, in a fast mode.  Similarly, very good number of quality monitors are being developed to ensure all-time top quality maintenance and online quality reporting of these PT CT PUs.

5. Funding organizations and sources

Various sources for capital as well revenue generation, both existing as well as innovative, have been planned. These include social entrepreneur investment, bank funding, schematic funding, viability gap funding towards the capital fund. Likewise user fees, advertisement, shops/kiosks / facilitation center, fine, MITRA (100 voluntary contributors for each PT CT PU) scheme contribution and like for revenue generation. 

6. Manpower development institutes.

The biggest challenge has been the unavailability of proper PT CT PU managers. These are treated as orphans. In our module, specially trained PT CT PU manager (through unique certificate program/course titled “CERTIFICATE COURSE / PROGRAM FOR MANAGEMENT OF PT / PU”.) will take care of each unit.

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