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jagran Institute of Management and Mass Communication - Diploma in Mass Communication and JournalismResume

 To serve an organization which promises good future prospects and gives an opportunity to work with full capability and potential
 Pursuing three years’ Diploma in Mass Communication from Jagran Institute of Management & Mass Communication, Kanpur
 Passed Intermediate from U.P. Board in the year 2015 with 65%
 Passed High School from U.P. Board in the year 2013 with 71%
 Published a few ‘letters to editor’ in Hindi national daily iNext
 Participated in a streetplay on ‘voter awareness’
 Positive Attitude
 Smart Working
 Good Communication Skills
 Confident
Akshay is passionate about media and journalism in particular. His main interests lie in television and electronic journalism including radio. He writes well and is well-versed with the Hindi language. He feels strongly about certain socio-political issues and expresses his views through ‘letters to editor’. He hopes to make an impact on the society by highlighting the problem areas in his community and society. Smart and enthusiastic are some qualities that define his personality.
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